The iFlame App unlocks your abilities.

Our easy-to-use app allows you to control your fireplace from your mobile device.

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How to Use iFlame

iFlame works with your remote control providing a simple graphic interface to operate your fire. Your remote does remain functional, if you desire, although most people greatly prefer the convenience of using a smart device. Once you download the app, simply use your smart device and its added features.

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Connecting your device is simple and user friendly. Just download the app and follow the instructions.

The iFlame app uses a simple graphic interface showing the set temperature numerically. Up and down arrows, to adjust the temperature, surround the display.

If you have accent lights in your fireplace controlled by a remote, the iFlame app gives you full function control of the lights.

If your fireplace offers remote control of flame height, the iFlame app will let you raise or lower the flame from your smart device.

As operating systems update ( iOS, Android etc), the iFlame team will update the app for your continued convenience.