Effortless smart upgrades to your fireplace.


Installation is a snap! Our units are designed to mate perfectly with your fireplace. Most are simple plug ins. Then download a free and easy graphic app to your preferred device and your installation is complete. You can even connect your fireplace to your smart speaker.

  • Purchase iFlame

    1. Order iFlame

    Make your way through our Ordering Process, select your add-ons, and pay for your order. 

  • Receive Mailer

    2. Receive your mailer

    Place your remote in the prepaid mailer box and send it back to us.

  • Install Hardware

    3. We install iFlame

    We install our proprietary hardware in your remote to unlock your capabilities.

  • Ship Back

    4. We ship your remote

    Allow 10 business days to receive your upgraded remote.

  • Download app

    5. Download the App

    Download our free iFlame App on as many devices as you like.
    Connect it to your smart speakers (if selected). Learn more about Smart Speaker Compatibility

  • Enjoy Fireplace

    6. Enjoy iFlame!

    Find your life simplified with your newly unlocked abilities.