iFlame Smart Receiver

The iFlame smart receiver is an easy replacement for a traditional on/off switch. It allows you to use a smart device to control your fireplace. You can choose to turn the fireplace on or off via the gently illuminated button or with the app on your smart device. The Smart Receiver also includes a built-in temperature sensor that paired with our free smart app gives you thermostatic control of your fire. Our cloud-based app even gives you the outside temperature right at your fingertips.



Some people refer to this as the “no remote, remote” The Smart Receiver utilizes your smart device such as a smartphone (IOS or Android), tablet, or smartwatch as a transmitter. You gain control of your fire through an easily downloadable app. That means you won’t ever misplace the remote again!

The Smart Receiver can be wall mounted in a standard switch box, or hidden behind the grills of many fireplaces. Once installed, you can turn the fire on/off, adjust the comfort level, and even check the outside temperature, all from the smart device you probably have in your hand already. You may also turn the fire on or off with the simple push of the onboard button.

The Smart receiver is battery operated but can be plugged in with a simple USB cord so you may never need batteries again.


Installation is a snap! Our units are designed to mate perfectly with your fireplace. Most are simple plug ins. Then download a free and easy graphic app to your preferred device and your installation is complete. You can even connect your fireplace to your smart speaker.

  • Purchase iFlame

    1. Order iFlame

    Make your way through our Ordering Process, select your add-ons, and pay for your order. 

  • Receive Mailer

    2. Receive your mailer

    Place your remote in the prepaid mailer box and send it back to us.

  • Install Hardware

    3. We install iFlame

    We install our proprietary hardware in your remote to unlock your capabilities.

  • Ship Back

    4. We ship your remote

    Allow 10 business days to receive your upgraded remote.

  • Download app

    5. Download the App

    Download our free iFlame App on as many devices as you like.
    Connect it to your smart speakers (if selected). Learn more about Smart Speaker Compatibility

  • Enjoy Fireplace

    6. Enjoy iFlame!

    Find your life simplified with your newly unlocked abilities. 

Warning Symbol


This product can expose you to Carbon Monoxide, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov.


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